Lighting is an essential component to all businesses but especially so for retail, hotels and hospitality. Viribright™ offers bulk discounts and commercial accounts for our valued hospitality partners.

The Benefits:

By making the switch to LED lighting solutions, you'll enjoy not only yearly savings on maintenance and energy expenses but also a wide range of additional benefits. It's a smart choice that will positively impact your bottom line.

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Improve Safety & Decrease Liability

Decrease liability by increasing safety. Parking lot LED lights for hotels reduce the occurrence of crime and provide employees and guests with added security as they enter and leave the building.

Increase Revenue

Upgrading to LED lighting promotes greater ambiance and encourages guests to spend more time on site at the hotel. This often yields greater spending in the bar, dining and ancillary areas.

Color & Light

Allowing a space to go from warm and comforting to cool and classy in minutes. Setting the tone for your guests to create the most enjoyable consumer experience.

Versatility & Design

LEDs can be installed into a lighting design so that they are indistinguishable from a traditional incandescent bulb, making them fit for classic or contemporary design.

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