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The past year has been unique. This is an understatement of epic proportions. The pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges and new definitions of normal for people all over the globe. Kitchen tables have become office desks, kid's rooms have become classrooms, and living rooms have become meeting rooms. This all points to one undeniably growing fact: the importance of your home.

And then there's you. One-part parent, one-part professional, one-part tutor as you work from home and your kids attend virtual school. You're probably wondering how to navigate the chaos of these new norms while maintaining the critical sense of "home" within your household. If you're like 92% of young homeowners, you're engaging in necessary and timely upgrades in this pandemic.

Among it, all, have you thought about your lighting? Home lighting, though often overlooked, is one of the easiest home upgrades that you can make to improve the utility, safety, and overall appeal of your interior spaces. Our newest LED desk lamp checks all those boxes and more.

So, let's talk about one of the most versatile lighting solutions that upgrade any room in your home to the perfect workspace, study room, or leisure area. This article will discuss how our LED desk lamp:

Benefits of the Viribright LED Desk Lamp

An LED Desk Lamp that Keeps your Family Safe

Have you thought about your eye health lately? Your next LED desk lamp has! That is one of the most important benefits of the desk lamp. It keeps you and your family safe with lighting technology that is proven to be easier on your eyes over time so that you can relax better, and you can also use products like Gorilla Glue Strain that help you relax and feel healthy. as well.

Think of your daily screen time. From desktop to laptop to smartphone to tablet and everything between, your day likely finds you bouncing from screen to screen. Unfortunately, the same goes for your kids as more virtual elements are introduced to their school day.

Over time, if you spend too many hours exposed to blue light and focusing on tiny pixels in your screens, you're likely to experience the following:

  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain

These represent the beginning of the complications that can arise from overexposure to screens. Poor lighting in your rooms and workspaces only compounds these issues. Insufficient or overly harsh lighting can cause an array of adverse health problems for your eyes. Combine overall screen time with unsafe lighting, and you have a recipe for disaster for your household.

That's where the LED desk lamp comes in. LED bulbs offer an essential safety checklist compared to old incandescent standby bulbs. There's a common myth that LED bulbs can only produce blue light, which only adds to your blue light exposure. This is a myth and false assumption! Many modern LEDs feature various color options and can provide warm, soothing light for you and your family. The LED desk lamp is no exception! More on this is below.

Even studies show that quality LED bulbs can lower the risk of headaches and decrease people's propensity for stress and anxiety. Bet you never related those common elements to your lighting before, right?

Another critical comparison between traditional incandescent bulbs and LED lamps is physical heat. LEDs run cooler leaving them safer to the touch for little ones. This also improves the overall heat factor in tight spaces.

A bird's eye view of LED desk lamp health benefits:

  • Safer on eyes over an extended period.
  • Adjustable color temperature for sensitive eyes.
  • It helps appropriately light the room against blue light exposure.
  • Reduces headache risk.
  • It can alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • Bulbs run more remarkably to the touch.
  • Less heat emanated in the room.


LED Desk Lamp – A Giant Leap in Lighting Quality

If you're in the market for quality home lighting solutions, you're being hit with some industry terminology that may or may not make a lot of sense to you.

What are lumens, and what do they mean for your life?

Lighting color? Should I care?

Watts? What?

We get it. There are a lot of factors to consider. Let us clear the confusion for you and lay out the benefits of lighting your interior spaces with the LED desk lamp. Here are the three main things you should care about with your LED lighting quality:

First, you should know that this desk lamp features an 800 lumens output. Lumens measure how much light you get from a bulb. Eight hundred lumens output is sufficient to light up any workspace for your new at-home work and school needs.

Second, watts are the measure of electricity used by your bulb. It's important to note that this 12-watt LED desk lamp is leaps and bounds ahead in efficiency compared to older incandescent bulbs. For reference, the average 60-watt incandescent bulb features 800 lumens output. With the desk lamp, your LED emanates 800 lumens with only 12-watt consumption. That is 1/5 of the toll on your energy bill with better overall lighting.

Third, this LED desk lamp gives you total control over your lighting conditions. With five color modes ranging between 2700K – 5000K, you'll be able to set the perfect warmth level and tone for your room. Along with that, the LED lamp features ten levels of brightness that you can easily adjust with a simple tap or slide across the brightness slider. When you and the kids are in work mode, you'll have the comfortable brightness you need; when it's time to relax, you can adjust the brightness accordingly!


LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port – Utility for any setup


Setting up the best home workspace often means being strategic with your space. Your utility furnishings need to be thoughtfully purchased to maximize your area. This can include desks, cabinets, office chairs, and, you guessed it, lighting.

The LED desk lamp goes above and beyond to consolidate valuable and convenient features in one place. It features a sleek, minimal design compact enough to accommodate tight workspaces while illuminating the area with consistent, non-flickering light.

Now, there's nothing worse than being limited on outlet space. Frequently, a clunky power strip is not an option. The desk lamp will help you declutter and kick the power strip to the curb. We've equipped it with a built-in USB port for ultimate convenience. That means you can plug the lamp into your power outlet and charge your various devices while using them.

Total Flexibility with the LED Desk Lamp

With all the above details in mind, we designed this LED desk lamp with you in mind. That's right, you—the hardworking parent who needs to make the most of your interior space, now more than ever. We brought you a desk lamp that fits any interior and occasion.

No matter if you need a high angle from a bookshelf, a close-up angle on a desk, or any angle you can think of, the lamp is up for the task. It features a 3-way tilt design that is fully adjustable for your needs.

Restoring a sense of peace is one of the most important things for families in these chaotic times. Don't let the need to convert your rooms into office spaces and classrooms overwhelm you. Start with the LED desk lamp that raises the occasion no matter what that is and illuminates your family's life no matter when or where.

If you have questions, message us or call (877) 847-4276.

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