Viribright is committed to giving our customers the lowest possible shipping. We currently offer free shipping on all items for the exception of commercial items and oversized items. 

Enjoy brilliant free shipping on our top LED light bulbs, Light Tubes, Home products and more. Unlike other sites that will show you cheap pricing on LED light products and then jack up the total price on check out because of shipping we are completely transparent and show you the total price before check out, minus the taxes (taxes are charged by state to state and are not a profit buffer for Viribright)

We do however charge on our commercial products, so we still offer the best low pricing Viribright can offer but for commercial products many customer vary on the bulk amount they purchase so we offer the lowest price we can give for the product and our actual shipping and not a retail shipping rate. 

For oversized items, most carriers charge a 1 times over sized fee per package, it is also better to purchased oversized items in bulk for 1 shipment. We can not put that into the total price of the item, it has to be through the shipping. 


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